Located in Vista, California the Rose Ranch Studio specializes in creating unique video productions for individuals and organizations. Our range of production spans website banners and ads to lengthy presentations or meetings. We can use your images/video as well as provide on-site video capture. We also perform audio restoration and background sounds removal services.

  • We use Adobe Premier Pro as our primary editor
  • We use Adobe After Effects to create special effects
  • We use Adobe Audition for all of our sound editing needs
  • We use Adobe Encore for sophisticated DVD menus
  • We use Sonicfire Pro Mastering Edition for Royalty Free background music

High Definition or Standard Definition

Which is best for you? We get this question a lot and the answer depends on the type of DVD player you will be using for playing the DVD and the type of photos and video you have to work with.

High Definition should only be selected when you will be using a BluRay player attached to an HD television. HD is a wide format and is the common format of what is termed "flat screen" televisions, any other type of DVD player will use Standard Definition (SD)

SD is the older format that has been in use for many years. An HD system will play an SD disc but an SD system cannot play a HD disc.

Digital Photos are the quickest and least expensive to use for creating your DVD. If you have printed photos or documents that you would like to use, we offer an optional scanning service for that purpose.

Our Work With Schools

  • In 2008 we earned a Cox Kids Foundation Innovation in Education Award for a teacher for our joint work in the closed circuit "video magazine" series Inside the Wild. This was a true success story in middle school Special Education circles. With our support, students were taught the basics of interviewing, photography and videography and were the sole creators of the content of the weekly program with most of the final editing and production performed by us.